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Studio Foundations

LoudDesignStudios© was founded by Sharbel EL Hajj in 2006. It was called GD77-Studio, and started as a small web with a forum an online community where some of the world's first best experts shared their research and ideas...

We are a creative studio that loves to collaborate and create...

Our Business

We’re in the superior and more ethical business of serving IT Solutions and creating awesome websites along with amazing 3Ds.

We transform clients' business, operating and technology models for the new digital era.

We Create the virtual world where you or your business long for.

We're Creative professionals, Experts With The Best IT Solutions.

It's ok to make a mess, our expertise can lead your business to beautiful things.

Let us Help you.


Based on our assessments, we design and approach solutions that help clients with strategies for enterprise application with their IT infrastructure, security demands and Media Design layouts starting with the consultancy process.


Working at the intersection of business and IT, our personnel are originally trained in business and IT. To be effective, they must be skilled in this process.


We highlights creativity from scientific discovery to philosophical debate. The site includes articles, reviews and other creative sources to get your juices flowing.

R&D Based Results

R&D formed the Growth Factor with applied research in technological and Media fields To Ensure The Best Results for your Business.

Thechnology Solutions

LoudDesignStudios© brings the most relevant technology solutions to the IT, Media, Productions, Post Productions House and consumer electronics markets to help our partners sustainably grow their business.

Almost 24/7 Support

Serving customers without any delay is the key to success for any business. Businesses should ensure that customers are not put on hold for any reason.

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Our Services

Plan, Design, Build

Services: IT

Networking & infrastructure

We Design and manage your company networking infrastructure, automated and high speed network operations for time and cost saving.

Hardware & Software

Building custom high-end and pre-configured desktops, laptops and Servers for people who want to have their say in how their system is built and designed, but also wanted the luxury of burn-in testing, a warranty, customer support, and other features that a PC builder can offer.


Our approach to providing the highest quality maintenance services is very simple – it’s all about trust, competence and integrity. Accountability is the elephant in the room for businesses like ours. We value oru work through the attention of details, quick response time, high quality workmanship and support after sales...


Our experts work across a broad range of technology to meet strategic goals, align assets and increase your return on investments, from start to finish. Our Consulting Services add real business values.

Data Storage & Recovery

It's our job to decide how and where your data should be stored locally or on the cloud (or both) after taking in consideration all the factors and values studies after the site visit.
Specializing in data recovery to save corporate data, photo memories, and peace of mind.
We can help with state of art equipments, a class 100 clean room, and proprietary technology, no data recovery project from a single drive to a RAID or NAS configuration is too complex for us.

Data Security

Helping to make your place the safest place to live and do business online. Computer systems rarely exist in isolation - they often need to interact with the outside world to be useful. So it's likely you'll need the ability to import information to your organization’s systems, without also importing threats. It is serious whether you can protect your data or no whether you can encrypt and decrypt your info and connection whether you can monitor your resources or not. It is important to understand the end-to-end system, not just in terms of technology but also people and processes

Services: Design

Web Hosting

We Provide affordable, Secure web hosting to all range of clients' budget, including Domains and private E-mails.

Responsive Design and development

We Design and develop a product that blows our clients minds.Your Site will Flow Seamlessly Everywhere and on Every Device. Our website development services are on the cutting edge of today’s technologies. We take security as our first target, understanding what data needs to be protected, what data needs to be encrypted, updating software, taking care of users, secure all connections....

Logo and Branding

It is crucial to have a logo designed for every business because It gives your company an identity. Branding is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any business it tells customers who you are and distinguishes you from your competitors.

Digital Marketing

Attract your market and build your business through Social Media, SEO, ADWRODS and retargeting.

Video Production

The most important part of any marketing strategy, which also makes it the most daunting. For some, but not for us - video production makes us smile. Because Photo and Video, we’re mad passionate about production. We’re the full service production company that will maximize your production.


LoudDesignStudios© operates a sophisticated pipeline, with exceptional capacity to create images of the highest quality. Producers and artists work to create striking projects for clients. We collaborate with filmmakers to bring their vision to life. Creating innovation content for the digital world, TVs, Movies, Advertising, Architectural Visualization, Still Images, Animations and VFX.

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